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Light Rail Study Trip Denmark - 12.-14.9.2022

NLRA-Members will get previous access to register for this Study Trip to all Danish Tramway Cities

The trip is organized in collaboration by, Spårvagnsstäderna and NLRA-Nordic Light Rail Association. We will start in Aarhus and will go via Odense to Copenhagen. From the program:

Day 0, For those who arrive the day before, we have a social arrangement: 17:30 Meeting at Aarhus Central
Helge Bay, chairman, shows tramline L1 with a visit to Djursland Railway Museum in "Ryomgård" with a light Dinner. Back at 22:24

Day 1 – 12.9.2022: Visit of the Tramway “Aarhus Letbane (AL)” with depot and OCC, presentations
10.00 The day starts
Evening Dinner at Aarhus Streetfood (on your own account)

Day 2 – 13.9.2022: Visit of the Tramway “Odense Letbane (OL)”
09:00 Train from Aarhus to Odense (baggage check in at the hotel)
After Lunch tram ride to the depot/OCC, visit and presentations

Day 3 – 14.9.2022: Visit of Copenhagen Light Rail ”Hovedstadens Letbane (HL)”
08.30 Train trip Odense - Copenhagen
10:00 Arrival at Copenhagen Central
By coach to Glostrup Station and continue to the depot
After Lunch visit of depot and OCC. Presentations
By coach to Lyngby Station. Arrival around 14:30
Later: direct transport by Coach to Copenhagen Airport. You will be able to catch home flights with Take Off from 17:00. If you need to be at the Airport before, you can drop out of the trip earlier.
If you have more time you can participate in a short walk and low cost dinner in Lyngby (on your own account).
End of Study Trip around 17:00.  Study Trip ends at Lyngby Station (S-Train).

Nordic Light Rail Prize goes to...

The next event will be the presentation of the Nordic Light Rail Prize. The NLRA proudly announces its decision to award the

Nordic Light Rail Prize in 1st Degree
to Mr. Thomas Lange, Stockholm, Sweden

for his lifelong involvement and commitment to tram systems and involving young people’s interest to Tramways.

The NLRA solicits contributions from companies for the prize money for the Nordic Light Rail Prize. This prize money does not go to the prize winner but becomes a scholarship grant for a student. The scholarship is an excellent incentive in getting young people interested in tramway systems and projects.

The Nordic Light Rail Prize will be awarded in Stockholm/Sweden together with a Networking Dinner later on in 2022. Thomas will be surrounded by family and friends. More information to come. Stay tuned!

Bernd Reuß, Chairman

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