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Nordic Light Rail Prize goes to Ali Huttunen

NLRA – Nordic Light Rail Association calls for the annual meeting (general assembly) 2024

on Sunday, 26th May at 18:00 in Tampere/Finland. Meeting room at ILVES hotel Tampere


  1. Election of meeting leader (ordstyrer)
  2. Election of voice counters.
  3. Election of referent
  4. Board’s/Chairman's report
  5. Approval of accounts
  6. Consideration of proposals
  7. Determination of membership fee
  8. Election of members and alternative members to the Board.
  9. Election of auditor and alternate auditor. Auditors don’t have to be members of the association.
  10. Optionally.

More information will follow.


The NLRA are thrilled to announce the recipient of the

Nordic Light Rail Prize in 2nd Degree
– Mr. Ali Huttunen from Tampere, Finland.

This prestigious award is a testament to his lifelong dedication and contribution to tram systems, with a special focus on the Tampere tram vehicle project. Ali has been a driving force in shaping the future possibilities of the tram vehicle industry.

Join us in celebrating Ali's outstanding achievements as we present the Nordic Light Rail Prize in Tampere, Finland, during the Networking Dinner at the "Light Rail Day" conference on May 27, 2024. Surrounded by friends and colleagues from the industry, Ali will receive this well-deserved recognition. The Laudation will be delivered by Mr. Ville-Mikael Tuominen, the Development Director of Tampere Tramway. Save the date for an evening of honor and acknowledgment as we applaud Ali Huttunen for his remarkable contributions to the advancement of tram systems.

Bernd Reuß, chairman


Our Webinar program starts again in autumn 2024.


Bernd Reuß, Chairman

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