Scholarships for Students

Apply to become NLRA’s next scholar. Are you a student and are you working on a tramway project? Are you already on your way to be a city planner or engineer? Do you carry out prognoses on tramway traffic? Are you involved in any other research on tramways? If you work on a tramway project and this project is connected to at least one Northern European country – then the NLRA may be interested in supporting your project.

What do we offer? Together with our “Nordic Light Rail Award” we try to collect donations from companies for the prize money (between 1000 € - 5000 €), which afterwards goes towards the scholarship. We also try to connect the student with people in the industry who have a wealth of experience. In short we provide money and connections.

What do we expect in return? As companies are donating the prize money/scholarship, they may be interested in getting in contact with you. We, the Nordic Light Rail Association expect you to keep in contact with us, so we can see how your project is progressing. When your project is finished, you may give a lecture on your project to an international audience at the “Light Rail Day” conference and the NLRA could also be interested in publishing your work at the very least on this homepage. Once you gain a scholarship from the NLRA we hope that you will become an active member. Your membership will support other students in the future.

What do we not support? We do not support projects that have already finished. Tramway means driving on sight. We don’t support (light rail) projects, which run 100 % on signals. If the vehicle is 100 % controlled by safety systems like ATP (Automatic Train Protection) – this is no longer a tramway. In our eyes, this is (a kind of) railway standard. In some cases, it can be difficult to assess whether the project is relevant or not. Give our chairman a call to discuss this in more detail.

How to apply? We don’t have any special forms to fill out. Please send us a letter, attached to an email. This application should contain 1) your complete contact details. Then we need 2) a description of your project and 3) the contact details of at least one person, who can tell us something about you and your project. This could be your professor or somebody else. Before you start with your application it’s a good idea to get on the phone with our chairman.