The Award

The Nordic Light Rail Prize (NLRP) was awarded for the first time in 2016. The award has been launched by Bernd Reuß to recognize the founding mothers and fathers of new tramway systems in Northern Europe. Furthermore it recognizes those people who have distinguished themselves by dedicating their lifework to city tram. A maximum of 12 people up to the age of 80 years can be NLRP prize-winners of the first-degree. In the second-degree category there is no limit to the number of prize-winners. In specially justified cases the prize can also be awarded to an organisation rather than to an individual. The NLRP must not, and cannot be awarded every year.

The prize money for the Nordic Light Rail Prize does not go to the prize-winner, but becomes a kind of scholarship for a selected student. The prize-winner does however have significant influence in the choice of student. Sponsored projects must involve tramway systems (driving on sight), involving at least one Northern European country.

First-degree medal
Gisbert Saal (Aurich/Germany) a master goldsmith has designed and created a medal and pin for the Nordic Light Rail Prize. The medal for the first-degree award was crafted from 585 solid gold and adorns a silver chain. The matching pin is also crafted in gold and includes a jewel.