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NLRA calls for the General meeting and proudly announce the receiver of the Nordic Light Rail Price in first degree in 2020

Even in 2020 we still have something to celebrate! The board of the NLRA - Nordic Light Rail Association - proudly announces its decision to award the

                                                                          Nordic Light Rail Prize in 1st Degree

                                                                 to Mr. Ollipekka Heikkilä, Helsinki, Finland

for his lifelong involvement and commitment to tram systems and especially vehicle engineering. Please support this important Tramway prize in the Nordic countries. The NLRA solicits contributions from companies for the prize money for the Nordic Light Rail Prize. This prize money does not go to the prize winner but becomes a scholarship grant for a student. We will publish your company logo on the website and your company will also be announced publicly during the award ceremony. We are seeking donations of 1000€ from a maximum of 5 companies for one award/scholarship. Your company’s contribution is an excellent incentive in getting young people interested in tramway systems and projects.

The Award Ceremony: The Nordic Light Rail Prize 2020 will be awarded on 9. November 2020 at GLO Hotel Art in Helsinki/Finland together with the Networking Dinner during the conference “Light Rail Day”.

Ollipekka will be surrounded by friends and colleagues from the branch.

The Laudation is to be hold by Mr. Matti Lahdenranta of Finland. Matti was Ollippeka’s former boss, who trusted him on his way for a new and innovative vehicle solution for Helsinki.

The NLRA Scholarship in 2020 (the prize money) will go to:

Ms. Suvi Tammilehto. She is a Traffic and Transport Management engineering student from Häme University of Applied Sciences in Finland and has started working on her bachelor’s thesis on Tramway and roundabouts in the City of Tampere.

Please contact me if you have any questions and if your company would like to contribute and support the Nordic Light Rail Prize 2020.

Bernd Reuß, chairman, T. +45 20610022,


We hereby invite to all members to our General Meeting on Wednesday, 16th November 2020 at 17:00.  The meeting will take place in the Light Rail Day -office-, Frankrigsgade 17, 2300 Copenhagen S, Denmark.

Those Members who are not able to attend in person will have the opportunity to join the meeting by Skype.


  1. Election of meeting leader (ordstyrer)
  2. Election of voice counters.
  3. Election of referent
  4. Board’s/Chairman's report
  5. Approval of accounts
  6. Consideration of proposals
  7. Determination of membership fee
    The board suggests no changes to existing membership fees.
  8. Election of members and alternative members to the Board.
    Wilhelm Pöker and Bernd Reuß stand to election for the board. These candidates are ready to accept a place on the board.
  9. Election of auditor and alternate auditor. Auditors don’t have to be members of the association.
  10. Optionally (Eventuelt).

Published: 18.9.2020

Remember that your support goes to:

  • Scholarships for young people involved in a relevant Light Rail project
  • Honouring Tramway people with the Nordic Light Rail Prize
  • Tram System Study Trips
  • Workshops to establish collaboration between Tramways in the Nordic Countries
  • A resource to connect light rail professionals in the Nordic countries

Thank you for becoming or being a member of NLRA

Copenhagen, 18. September 2020

Bernd Reuß, Chairman


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